Speaker Night 2020-05-14: Denise Silva – Long Exposure Photography

Thursday, May 14, 2020, 7 PM – 9 PM
Zoom meeting

Long Exposure Photography
This presentation focuses on the techniques used to capture long exposures images and explores the artistic results of using long exposures to create unique imagery. We will cover the techniques and gear needed to shoot these types of images during the day, as well as how to capture images that take advantage of the time of day and available light. Learn how to manipulate clouds, water, and windy conditions when photographing landscapes scenery and use swipes to capture unique images with a sense of motion.

Our speaker: Denise Silva
Denise’s interest in photography started when her grandmother would share images from her travels to Egypt and Africa for safari. The evenings watching slideshows set the seed. 35 years later those seeds took root and inspired Denise to embrace photography and more specifically travel photography and Road Runner Photography Tours was born.

Her passion is to share her knowledge of photography, while introducing people to the amazing landscapes, wildlife, and people all over the world.