Speaker Night 2021-11-11: Geff Bourke – The Beauty of Africa

Thursday, November 11, 2021, 7 PM – 9 PM
*** Zoom meeting ONLY ***

LPC’s speaker for this evening is Geff Bourke.

Topic: The Beauty of Africa

Photography has been a passion of Geff’s for over 40 years. Like most people, Geff started taking pictures of his vacations and of his family, with his very first camera, a Fuji XT605.

Geff definitely caught the photography bug and his interests branched out from family vacations to nature photography, such as landscapes, birds, and flowers; travel photography with the goal of capturing the culture of his destinations; and urban landscapes… street, people, and decay.

Since Geff started with film, he was compelled to learn every aspect of development and at one point had built his own darkroom so that he could process his images. Geff has, like many, converted to the digital format. For his nature photography, he is a purist… and uses post-processing software at a minimum. For all other subject matters, digital photography allows such a limitless freedom of expression. Each image can be manipulated in multiple ways to express a desired mood or state of mind. Although he doesn’t have his original camera, he does have a collection of antique cameras and often shoots film which he processes at home and then transfers to a digital image.

In college, he studied and obtained a degree in graphic arts. These studies aided him in developing perspective and have definitely impacted how he composes and processes his images. His work is a true expression of how he sees the world.

Geff has also been featured in the UK’s Black + White Magazine for his amazing B&W work of Icelandic horses and has been awarded and published in Minimalist Photography Awards, Annual Book 2020.

Tonight he’ll be discussing his experiences in Africa.

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