Meetup: Sunrise at Lincoln Memorial, September 22, 2019

Sunrise at Lincoln Memorial

Sunday, September 22, 2019

This very cool moment happens a few times a year and it looks like the next one is September 22. We will be on the steps, no doubt scattered about for different perspectives/compositions.

Below is a summary of the time for sunrise and the position of the sun when it’s hitting the center of the memorial. An angle of about 5 degrees or less is ideal.

Sunday 09/22/2019
Sunrise: 06:55 AM 88.9 Deg / -0.2 Deg
Memorial: 07:03 AM 90.0 Deg / +1.0 Deg

Fall Equinox:
Monday 09/23/2019
Sunrise: 06:56 AM 89.4 Deg / -0.2 Deg
Memorial: 07:00 AM 89.9 Deg / +0.3 Deg

Remember when parking to obey signs and if needed, make a payment at the machines or using the DC parking app. If this particular shot doesn’t motivate, there are lots of sunrise opportunities, such as the Reflecting Pool, Vietnam Memorial, WWII, etc. Remember to share your images back to the group to inspire others!

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