Field Trip: Bluebells at Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park

It’s that time again: Virginia bluebells!

Join me, John Tabor, for a walk to photograph the bluebells at Ball’s Bluff. The cover photo above was taken there on Sat, 25 Mar and I think they’ll be looking really good next weekend.

Date/Time: Sat, 1 April 2023, 9a – 11:30a (no joke!)
I plan to go rain or shine. Wet bluebells are awesome! 🙂

Rally point: The far east end of the parking lot. There’s a mulch pile by our trailhead.

Trail difficulty: Moderate. There are a couple of fairly steep hills and there is one section about 35 yards long with rather obvious exposed tree roots. The last obstacle before reaching the bluebells is a large tree fallen across the trail. It’s an old treefall and I estimate the highest part we climb over is maybe 2.5 feet in diameter. We either scramble over the tree parts or take the rather steep trail around it.

Click here for a map of the path we’ll take.

Elevation gain: ~75 feet (-ish).

Equipment needed: A camera with a lens.


  1. Comfortable hiking boots
  2. Tripod. Keep in mind that Virginia bluebells typically grow to ~18in high
  3. Macro lens


  1. Spray mister with water
  2. Scrim
  3. Flash (off-camera is best)