Winners’ Showcase

May’s Best of Show: Rebecca Smith
Judge Sandy Crown

Photographer: Rebecca Smith
“Big Stretch”

Lion stretching

Photo by Rebecca Smith


April 25, 2024: Street Photography
Judge Frank Van Riper

Winners Novice – Color
1. Masud Hasnain–“Serious Discussion”

2. Tom Dellecave, Jr. –“All You Need is Imagination”

Winners Novice – Monochrome
1. Susan DeAnfrasio –“Women’s Rights Rally in Rome” (see below)

Winners Intermediate – Color
1. Rick DaDuca –“Coney Island Calamari”

Winners Intermediate – Monochrome
1. Jack Brennan –“Girl with Dog”

Winners Experienced – Color
1. Ed Heaton –Urban Angles”

Urban Angles

2. Niki Halkedis –“Plane landing – Jamaica”

Winners Experienced – Monochrome
1. Patricia Berry –“Chess in the Park”

HM Niki Halkedis –“Long day of Biking”

Best in Show – People (in the street)
Susan DeAnfrasio–“Women’s Rights Rally in Rome”

To see all the photos that were entered, click here.

March 2024:  Peer Review (no competition)

February 2024 Symmetry/Patterns

Winners Novice – Color
1. Rob Chenault – “Arc de Underside” (His photo is featured in the speaker event for March. )

Winners Intermediate – Color
1. Bernice Lewis – “Swirl
2. Darryl Lansey – “Color Pencils Kaleidoscope
3. Hank Sloan – “Christmas Reflections
HM Rick LaDuca – “Palace Columns

Winners Intermediate – Monochrome
1. Fred Gilles – “Poolhall
2. Hank Sloan – “Roman Aquaduct

Winners Experienced – Color
1. Patricia Berry – “Dandelion Fireworks
2. Cecelia Laurendeau – “Spirals

Winners Experienced – Monochrome
1. Edward Heaton – “Daydream
2. Thomas Anglim – “Oslo Opera House from Above”
3. Audrey Gassman – “Crabpots

Best in Show – Symmetry/Patterns
 Rob Chenault – “Arc de Underbridge

Arc de Underside

January 2024-


Natural Bridge - Kevin Parks

“Natural Bridge” by Kevin Parks

Third Place,Novice Monochrome, Theme: “Bridges” , March 2015

About the picture : “Taken at Natural Bridge, down by Lexington, VA. on 11/29/2013 with an iPhone 4S. Was cropped from a larger image and processed with LightRoom and PhotoShop. Printed for the competition on a Canon MG7120 All-in-One.” Location: Lexington,VA


Chinatown Twilight-u -

“Chinatown Twilight” by Charles E Walker

Second Place, Advanced Color, Theme: “Nightlights” , February 2015

About the picture : “It was captured during a LPC Field trip to the Sackler Gallery this past March.  After touring the Gallery we ventured to Chinatown and I captured the resulting image.” Location: Washington DC



 “FLAG WATERDROPS” by Tim Pennington

First Place, Advanced Color, Theme: “Water” , January 2015



“BASALT FALLS” by Denise Silva

Second Place, Advanced Monochrome, Theme: Water, January 2015


  Water Lily

“WATER LILIES, MAUI” by Mike  Kropotkin

First Place, Novice Color, Theme: Water, January 2015



“THE FLOW STATE” by Vernon Tamangan

Second Place, Novice Color. Theme: “Water” ,January 2015

About the picture “”Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless—like water.” Location:  Kepheart Bridge Landing, Leesburg, VA


Water Sculpture Patt W

“WATER SCULPTURE” by Patt Wattanasupt

Third Place, Novice Color. Theme “Water” ,January 2015

About the picture ”  One lucky shot from hundreds of shots on this experiment”



INTERLOCK” by Patt Wattanasupt

Best In Show and First Place, Novice Monchrome and . Theme “Transportation” , December 2014

About the picture ”  I was walking by the two bikes locked together.  What caught my eyes was they look like a couple at the alter getting married. ” Location: Delft, Netherlands



“TRIAN RIDE” by Patt Wattanasupt

First Place, Novice Color. Theme “Transportation” December 2014

About the picture  ” On historic Myanmar-Siam railroad built by war prisoners during WWII ” Location. Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand


Banana Transport-Tom Anglim


Third Place, Novice Monochrome. Theme “Transportation”  December 2014



“FAB FIVE” by Vernon Tamangan

First Place, Novice Monochrome, Theme: “Motion” , October 2014

About the picture “Very, very lucky shot. The kid on the far right wasn’t even supposed to be in the picture but jumped right in at the last moment”   Location :San Diego, California



“IN CHAOS” by Patt Wattanasupt

Second Place, Novice Monochrome, Theme: “Motion” , October 2014

About the picture “In a busy lobby at Union Station, this guy stood still in his own deep thoughts”   Location :Washington,DC


“HAIR CUT”  by Vernon Tamangan

 Best In Show and First Place , Novice Color , Theme: “Motion” ,October 2014

About the picture “One part my mother needing a haircut and one part me needing a subject for the month’s theme. Also, a neat little homage to anime and an answer to why haircuts don’t take too long. ” Location: Leesburg, VA



“MOTION IN STATION”  by Patt Wattanasupt

Third Place, Novice Color , Theme: “Motion” ,October 2014

About the picture “At  Metro Center station. Tripod wasn’t allowed inside the metro station. So I had to sit my camera on a rail on the bridge over the track. Got questioned by a metro police what I was doing too. ” Location: Washington, DC


Diner Reflections

“DINER REFLECTIONS”  by Charles E Walker

Best In Show and First Place , Advanced Color , Theme: “Reflection” ,September 2014

About the picture: “Image was captured 4 Jan 2014 in Cottonwood Az., a small town about 50 mi Southwest of Sedona Az. I was on my way to Jerome when my niece and I came across this (store, junk yard, museum) with tons of STUFF! ” Location: Cottonwood, AZ




Second Place, Novice Monochrome. Theme “Reflection” , September 2014

About the picture “Northern Virginia in a nutshell” Location: Leesburg, VA


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