Speaker Night 2022-04-14: “Yellowstone in the Winter” – Stanley Bysshe

Thursday, April 14, 2022, 7 PM – 9 PM
Zoom meeting

Stan’s photographic journey started in the 1960s with a hand me down Nikkormat. But because of his love for scuba diving and marine tropical reef ecology, his equipment and images became dedicated to underwater nature. By 2010 it was time to hang up the fins and, when he joined Northern Virginia Photographic Society, Stan was exposed to a whole new world of land-based photography. Still, nature remained a driving force behind his images.

At NVPS, Stan has served on multiple committees and is a Past President. He has given multiple talks to the club and to several local photo clubs as well. In the past, he enjoyed teaching underwater photography, but over the past six years, he has helped lead photo tours to Florida, New Mexico, Washington State, Alaska, and Yellowstone National Park. Of his fourteen trips to Yellowstone, five have been during the winter, including this past January. The winter season rapidly became his favorite time of the year to visit the park. While this is by far and away the most challenging season to be in Yellowstone, it can be the most rewarding.

On this night, Stan will talk about why Yellowstone in the winter is such a magical place, how and where you can get the best images, some techniques for shooting in the winter, and how to try and stay warm in a region that routinely records the lowest temperatures in the lower forty eight States.

Banner image by Denise Silva

15 Apr 2022 update: Video posted to our YouTube channel.

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