Speaker Night 2022-12-01: “Mastering Long Exposure” – Antony Zacharias

Thursday, 1 December 2022, 7 PM – 9 PM
Zoom meeting

Mastering Long Exposure book cover

Antony will discuss “Mastering Long Exposure”.

Whether you’re taking photographs in the dead of night or looking to create an ethereal effect with water or clouds during the day, long exposures are among the most challenging areas of photography. Very often there are physical obstacles to overcome, whether it’s being unable to see to frame your shot or focus, an inability to predict movement during the exposure, or simply the need to hold your camera steady while the shutter is open. There are also numerous technical issues to resolve, such as striking a balance between ISO and noise, dealing with high dynamic range, and maintaining the best possible image quality when the laws of physics are working against you. Yet, just as the demands placed upon the photographer are exceptional, so too are the images that can be created when you push your camera to its limits.

Antony is a commercial and fine art photographer, author, tutor and speaker and his work specializes in architectural and urban images, and images using long exposure techniques. He has written a number of photography books available globally, including the bestselling Mastering Long Exposure – The Definitive Guide published by Ammonite Press and National Geographic. You can see more about his published books here.

He has won numerous photography awards and recently a Hasselblad Masters 2021 Finalist. His images have been published in a wide variety of books, magazines, television and for advertising as well as displayed in a variety of locations around the world. He also regularly talks on various aspects of photography to a range of clients and also runs a range of tutorials from private classes to group lessons.

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