15th Annual Claude Moore Park Photography Expo

Rules at a Glance: 15th Annual Claude Moore Park Photography Expo

September 16, 2023: Natural Places and Old Spaces
Sponsored by the Friends of Claude Moore Park

Categories for Adult Juried Competition:
1.  Roots & Buds* – Native plant life in wild settings; NO cultivated plants are accepted
2.  Wild Creatures* – Wild animals on land or in the water; NO domesticated animals or farm animals
3.  Winged Wonders* – Creatures that fly (birds and bats—for insects, see #4).
4.  A Bug’s Life* – Insects and bugs, butterflies, etc.
5.  Natural Landscapes* – Scenic views of natural spaces; NO manicured or man-made habitats (lawns or backyards)
6.  History and Heritage – Structures that capture U.S. history and culture, including buildings, statues, monuments,
farms, homes, autos, trains, etc.
7.  Farm Life – Celebrating Agriculture in Loudoun and the world! May include domesticated working animals, people
and farm life (animals, barns, etc.)!

Location of Where Photos Can Be Taken:
There are no restrictions as to where the photographs are taken for the 5 nature categories. The History and Heritage
category is limited to the United States, and the Paul Glascock Memorial People’s Choice Award must be taken in a
public park located in Loudoun County.

Photographers’ Tea: All entrants and their guests are cordially invited to the Photograpphers’ Tea, hosted by the
FCMP in the historic Lanesville Ordinary on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 7:00 PM. All awards (except the Paul
Glascock Memorial People’s Choice Award) will be announced during the Opening Tea at 7:30pm.

Standards (see Rules for more detail):
Quality: Please submit only your superior work, printed with extreme care, and matted according to the Expo rules.
Matting: All entries must be matted, no frames, no floating mats (extra white or paper visible around photo). See matting
rules for dimensions and other details. No titles, signatures or watermarks may be visible.
* Hand of Man: “Hand of Man” is a photographic term used to describe human elements. This is anything man-made or
used to contain nature. Feeding dishes, cages, fences, wires, docks, boats, buildings, human hands themselves (when
holding birds, etc.). For the five nature categories, “Hand of Man” is allowed if it is a minor and unobtrusive element.
“Hand of Man” is allowed within the History & Heritage and Farm Life categories.
Entry: Entries are due no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, September 8, 2023. An entry fee of $10.00 per photograph for
adult entrants, and $5.00 per photograph for youth.
Digital Version of Images: Submit a digital version of your entries along with your prints, either as email attachments sent
to claudemoore@loudoun.gov or upload at friendsofclaudemoorepark.org/expo-upload-files/ no later than September 8,
2023. This is a mandatory step in submitting your images.
Pick Up: All entries will be available for pick up at the Claude Moore Park Visitor Center on or after Monday, September
18, 2023.
Please bring or mail your photographs to:
Claude Moore Park Visitor Center
21544 Old Vestal’s Gap Road, Sterling, Virginia 20164

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