Competition Night 2020-04-23: Theme – Portraiture; Judge – Marti Belcher


Due 11:59 PM, Monday, April 20: Photo uploads via Google Drive
Note: Filename format is “Category_Title of the image_YourName”
(Example: NoviceMono_TheBlackandWhiteBall_SamanthaMarshall)

Categories (with links to specific folders valid for this competition only):
1. NoviceMono
2. NoviceColor
3. AdvancedMono
4, AdvancedColor

We won’t disqualify images with incorrect file name formats, but we can’t give you credit if your name is missing! 🙂

Theme: Portraiture
Judge: Marti Belcher

Theme Description: An image of one or more people.

About the judge:
(From her web site.)
My photography is simple and straightforward. I have a passionate interest and curiosity about people, world cultures and ideas. These are the forces that dominate my personal life and my photography. Actually I draw no distinction between my work and my personal life: they are one and the same.

I am an adventurer,
a lover of color, culture and the bewitching.

My path often takes me to Asia. It is a long way from a dairy farm in New York State but the dairy farm was a good place to start the journey. I learned to appreciate the every day events and the emotions that make us human. Today I photograph ordinary people and ordinary situations all over the planet Earth.

7pm: Sign in for a Meet and Greet for photographers and guests online
7:15pm: Competition begins

Competitions are held monthly on the 4th Thursday of each month of the club season (with some exceptions due to holidays) and are open to all paid LPC members. All interested non-members are welcome to visit, listen to and learn from the judges’ critiques, and join up if you would like to have the judges review your images! Judges are different each month and come from all over.